6 Points for Selecting a Good Adjustable Bed of King Size

People generally think that an adjustable bed is the one they have seen at hospitals, which is only used to adjust the position of the patient on bed without much movement. However, an adjustable bed is actually far more than this. It allows people to rest, relax and watch T.V in the most comfortable position. It can also be adjusted for insomniac people, or for those who have backaches.

Adjustable beds are available in various sizes i.e. King, queen, full or twin. However, according to the reviews of most bedding companies, the most demanded one is adjustable bed king size. While purchasing an adjustable bed, following factors should be kept in mind.

1 – Mattress

The most important thing to consider is the surface on which the person will be sleeping for the whole night. Match the mattress size with the bed e.g. an adjustable bed king size should be paired with a right king size mattress.

The type of mattress also differs. It may be a foam, coil, air, latex or spring mattress. It should be kept in mind that ordinary mattresses should not be used with an adjustable bed.

2 – Well Adjustable Base

This is the most important thing to check before buying. The base of an adjustable bed should be able to bear the load, without causing structural damage to the frame or loosening of bolts. It is advisable (especially incase of adjustable bed king size), to check if the framework is supported with heavier steel. Also, the rolling pieces should preferably be of nylon rather than wood or metal, because nylon does not cause much friction.

3 – Control Mechanism

An adjustable bed can be controlled electronically through a controller or mechanically. They adjust the position of head, neck, back, legs and feet. Both work on same basic principles, but electronic ones are more expensive. Buy the one which fits in your budget. However, and adjustable bed king size rarely comes in manual control.

4 – Easy to assemble

Select the company which provides accurate, easy to understand assembling instructions with the parts that are not tricky for a lay-man. Before purchasing, ask the dealer if the base is largely pre-assembled or not? Are the nuts and bolts provided? How should it be dismantled when required?

5 – Aesthetically appealing

Since an adjustable bed has a lot of joints, bolts, buttons etc. it can be quite unappealing if not properly covered. This is more problematic in adjustable bed king size, because it becomes difficult to seal the larger joints. Look for a bed which has all these things covered with fabric, and a base which has a complete finished look. Also, an adjustable bed meant for homes should not be so simple as to give a look of a hospital bed.

6 – Guarantee and Warranty

Companies with good reputation offer 10 to 20 year warranty. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them, so that you do not waste the claims of warranty because of mishandling the product.